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How We Got Started

In 2001, canine training became a large part of my life.  After training our beloved lab and a border collie we decided to get a PWD. We took on our first Portuguese Water Dog, Frankie in 2014. Frankie and I showed in the conformation ring to achieve our Championship and we also completed many titles in agility, nose work, obedience, search and rescue, and water work.  Presently, Frankie and I work in Search and Rescue with the NWI SAR group. He was cross trained in many areas before I understood the complexities of Human Remains Detection and the possibility of presenting qualifications in a court case.  Now we strictly train in HRD and occasionally participate in agility and water work. 

We found our second Portuguese Water Dog in 2019 and decided to complete genetic tests to expand our family with a puppy.   Not only did we want to have our own puppy, but want to preserve this fabulous breed and expand the gene pool by using Valli and her best suited match.  We had our first breeding in 2022 with the help of our long time breeder and friend, MaryKay Schroeder.  We will be showcasing our foundation girl, Valli. Valli is out of Marshview's Great Ballz of Fire (Smolder) and Bayswater's Eye of the Storm (Twister).  We are interested in producing healthy, working dogs. We are passionate about training the dogs to preform a job and to produce well tempered, loving family members.

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